Love it! Can’t wait to give it to my niece!

Just received it today!! Is soooooo Beautiful, very inpress, great quality, Name Necklace Rose Gold Thank You
It is much nicer than even the picture depicts. It was perfect and my wife loved it. And, it arrived 10 days sooner than exoected, in time for her birthday. I’m very pleased with product and supplier and I highly recommend.
Excellent!! got it right this time,Looks very nice The recipient loved it
I purchased this for myself & I absolutely LOVE it!!! It shipped quickly and it is more beautiful in person! <3
Love it! It was wonderful! Names were beautifully written & correctly spelled. An issue I had, though, was that the necklace had broke within the 2nd day
Everything was exactly as I ordered it. Cheap Name Necklace Thank you very much, you’ve made a happy mommy for Christmas
This is such a cute necklace! I was very pleased with the fast shipping and the nice presentable box it comes in. However, I am disappointed that my name was mispelled. My name is spelt (SavanNa) they did not add the extra “n” in my name. [On necklace (Savana)] Fortunately, all of my siblings names were correct. I remember checking to see if all names were correctly spelt, because that was a concern for me. Thankfully they did not add an “h” at the end of it like most people do. My mothers birthday was a couple of days ago, I’m antsy to give her her gift. I’m sure she won’t mind, but it does irk me. One more downside is I think the chain is very thin, worried how it will hold up. Over all I recommend this necklace it is great quality, personal, and very beautiful. I look forward to giving it to her tomorrow!
I wear this gold necklace with a sliver necklace at the same time with just the initial “k”. I have not had much problem at all with the two of them twisting together and they are the same length. I think it may be because this is a different type of chain. Name Necklace I also have not had any issues with my hair getting caught in the chain.

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