Perfect gift for a new mom

I am delighted with this necklace! I got it with the names and birthstones of the three babies we’ve lost to miscarriage. Name Necklace Rose Gold It is simple and beautiful, and just what I was looking for. I put the name, a space, a period, a space, the next name, etc, and the spacing looks perfect (just like the example). I was pleasantly surprised that the birthstones are visible from both sides, so even if they flip over or lay sideways you can still see the color. My only complaint is that the chain is too delicate for a mama. My kids broke it just by tugging lightly on it when they were looking at it. It’s still usable, I just have to put the clasp on the chain itself (since the receiving side of the clasp broke). I plan to get a stronger chain for it.

I’m very pleased with this necklace. It is a Christmas gift for my mom and I think she will love it. It’s professionally engraved, the crystals are sparkly and beautifully colored. Will order from AJ’s again.
Loved the washer type charm with the engraved names and the birthstones. My grandmother will love this as I got the names of her great grandchildren engraved. I thought the chain was a bit flimsy.

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